2019 2020

  • Project
  • Bigbank Self-service
  • Industry
  • Banking & Finances
  • Role
  • User experience and user interface

Enabling people to improve their lives through seamless financial services.



Discovery & Research

The discovery process included both internal and external sources of information and data. The primary internal data sources included user feedback collected from our NPS comments and meetings / workshops done with Customer Service and other departments. External sources were used in order to discover what others are doing well and articles/case studies that outlined best approaches or practices.

Applying for a loan

First task was aligning our goals and solve the following topics:
– Lending money is easy, so how are we doing it differently?
– How could we not only lend money but help our customers?
– Why our customers would choose us among others?


Scalable design &
design system architecture

Building flexible user interface structures ensures they can accommodate expanding or contracting sets of features across customer lifecycle.


Improving Investment Platforms